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> Moorings, Bearings, Soundings

Guest Lecture by Fırat Erdim
as a Part of DrawingConstructions, elective course by Bahar Avanoğlu
@ Istanbul Bilgi University
via Zoom
November 2021

*About the Lecture, ‘Moorings, Bearings, Soundings’
What does a line know and how does it know it? To explore these questions, Fırat Erdim will relate an assortment of lines – lines that point, lines that hold, singing lines, and lines that bleed through – in his recent projects involving drawing, sound, and architecture.
**About the Guest, Fırat Erdim
Whether with chisel, cast shadow, clouds of ink, or the tow line of a kite, Fırat Erdim’s practice investigates the intersections of projection, place, and materiality to question axioms of architectural imagination. His work has been exhibited recently at Adds Donna (Chicago, USA), the Anderson Gallery at Drake University (Iowa, USA), Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (New York, USA), Spartanburg Art Museum (South Carolina, USA), Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark), Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere of Metropoliz (Rome, Italy), The Windor (Madrid, Spain), 49A and Maquis Projects (İzmir, Turkey), and published in The Artful Plan: Architectural Drawing Reconfigured (Birkhäuser, 2020) and the Journal of Architectural Education (70:1, 2016). Awards include a 2016 Santo Foundation Award for Individual Artists and the 2014 Founders Rome Prize in Architecture from the American Academy in Rome. He has a M. Arch. Degree from the University of Virginia (2007) and a B. Arch. Degree from the Cooper Union (2001). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Iowa State University.