İpek Avanoğlu is an architect and researcher. Her interest and research focus on the inappropriates of the spatial scenarios, and their critical articulation through drawing practices. She works as a research- and teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. She received her BArch and MSci. degree in Architectural Design from Istanbul Technical University, and MArch II degree from The Cooper Union. She continues her PhD studies at Istanbul Technical University, and got accepted as Erasmus+ student to KU Leuven for 2021-2022 Spring term.

After graduating from the Istanbul German High School, Emine Bahar Avanoğlu, completed her undergraduate studies at Istanbul Technical University in 2011. Her graduation project was awarded with the 3rd prize by ITU, and has been selected to be exhibited at the international thesis exhibitons in Greece. Following her graduation, she continued her studies at the MSci. Architectural Design program at ITU, where she presented her thesis called “The Unthinkable Space of The Realm of Representation”. She was accepted to the MArch II program at The Cooper Union for the Advancement for Science and Art from which she received a merit scholarship and completed her thesis project called “Constructing the Parallax Space” with the construction of a series of translation machines. She worked at Terreform ONE, an architectural research office in Brooklyn. Her drawings have been published internationally including the Architectural Review’s Drawing Folio. Her co-authored work “Act1:A Gathering” was selected to be published in the ‘The Scene’ issue of the magazine called Nova Organa. She was a volunteer for the non-profit organizations Arts, Letters and Numbers (ALN) and the Consortium for Sustainable Design (CSU) in 2015. She is continuing her academic work at the PhD program at ITU and her architectural work as Pairfolio. She is teaching at Istanbul Bilgi University since 2016 as an adjunct faculty member. She is continuing to work in the field of architectural representation, language, and its architectonic translations.