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> Myriorama: Variations on a Theme

Workshop by Ali Paşaoğlu & Bora Özkuş
as a part of ‘Lines of/for/among/around Architecture’, organized by Bahar Avanoğlu, Bilge Bal, Gizem Albayrak
hosted by Ercüment Kalmık Müzesi
October 2019

Re-deal the cards and carry on with the story... Myriorama is a word derived from "a myriad of views", a 19th century invention for amusement and contemplation, a series of cards that can be arranged into endless landscapes.

The workshop will explore potentials of this medium in architectural drawing and storytelling. Beyoğlu street-scape will be our hunting ground for architectural context and features. Our imaginative landscape and our characters will be rendered with architectural drawing techniques and translated into myriorama cards. Re-appearing characters and settings will form a background for endlessly reproducible collective stories.

Participants: Atheer Ayoub, Bilge Hümeyra Sayarlıoğlu, Demir İnhan, Deniz Yumurtacı, Judy Alturck, Montaseer Noraldeen Mohammad Mesk, Nour El Houda Mimouni, Razan Izzat Suleiman Hanbali, Sena Sezer, Umut Topaloğlu, Weeam Hajji Hasan, Zena Arnaout