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> The Belly of An Architectural Drawing 

Workshop by Bahar Avanoğlu
@ Architectural Drawing Studio (arch 103), Istanbul Bilgi University
November 2021

“Dead things are easier to handle than live ones; they may not be so interesting but they are less troublesome. [...] What I mean by a dead geometry is an aspect of geometry no longer under development from within. Triangles, rectangles, and circles as defined in Euclid have been pretty well exhausted as subjects of geometrical enquiry. As these elements lose their mystery, interest in them subsides, but in the state of devaluation they become more elsewhere because their behavior is completely predictable. Dead geometry is an inoculation against uncertainty.”
Robin Evans, The Projective Cast (1995)

This workshop will be an experimental and a speculative inquiry, questioning the materiality of drawing in relation to the projective construction of drawing. The immateriality of projection will be challenged through a set of consecutive playful but perhaps uncanny experiments. In the meantime, the regular vocabulary of drawing tools will be critically expanded, and will be re-thought as the constructive actors of an uncertain site. Within this site of spatio-temporal uncertainty, the potential of a breathing drawing will emerge: an obscure drawing that has the inherent capacity to transform itself into a fossil in time.