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>Constructing the Parallax Space

Conversion of 2D Movies into 3D movies
MArchII- Thesis Project @ The Cooper Union, by baharavanoglu, 2014

This thesis deals with the operation of ‘masking’ that is applied in the conversion of 2D films into 3D films. It focuses on the translative operations that take place while the flattened image is processed into a three-dimensional space. It explores through drawing the structure of these operations and the spaces they generate by investigating the construction of a three-dimensionality through the displacement and manipulation of objects in space and time and, thus, the construction of another space. Perspective, depth of field, the double and the reverse are among the primary issues involved in masking. In order to explore the complex relationships it generates, a sequence from the film In the Mood for Love was chosen. The displacement of the foreground from its background and the exchange between the movement of the camera in the actual space and movement of objects in the translated space are the main conditions that were explored.