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house of dimensions

a project by baharavanoglu & ipekavanoglu [2017]
competition entry

The starting point of this project is the in-between dimensional locus that is to be found in the miniature drawings. Reflecting the confrontation of our narrative with the narrative of the dimensions, the space that occurs in-between the dimensions in a miniature drawing, is argued to have an animate being metaphorically. Through the mutual confrontation of the narratives with one another, the in-between dimensional locus in the drawing becomes the image-screen between our perspective and the perspective of the dimensions. It is thus, this project’s desire to propose a discussion on the in-between dimensional locus, the image screen, whether it is to be in the question of a ‘house’ of dimensions.
The three-dimensional physicality of the house of dimensions lives within the narrative of the image-screen, and it is what defines the process of the animation of the dimensions. The animate vertical may put on an act of the horizontal. The narrative confrontation with depth, verticality and horizontality becomes interchangeable with their construction.
The animate beings of the in-between dimensional locus become the unknown ‘x’ within the realm of the dimensional tools. Thus, a cut in ‘x’ becomes a ‘dissection’ and gives the sectional content of the in-between dimensional structure. The dissection of each in-between dimen- sional structure is being executed by the narrational projection of the other dimensions. The mutual projection of the dissection and the other in-between dimensional structures construct a structure of an anatomical theater. This theater becomes the site of the house of dimensions.

**ink drawings:
> miniature studies : searching for the in-between dimensional locus [click]
> the in-between dimensinal locus and the metaphorical program [click]
> dissections of the in-between dimensional locus as the sectional content [click]
> narrational projection  of the sectional content as the vertical image-screen to the horizontal print [click]

** if you would like to see further of the project please click on the link below[3d]:
> the anatomical theater > the anatomical theater > the anatomical theater [click]

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