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Design Communication at Istanbul Bilgi University  
[Summer School 2017]
Instructor: Bahar Avanoglu

‘My lord it is true, but you know very well that men are formed and put together differently. The members are brought together in different ways, but even so, in that they are like, they are the same.’

‘I beg you, explain it to me.’

‘Perhaps it would be better for you to understand first what drawing is.’
Filarete, Sforzinda

‘Transparency means a simultaneous perception of different spatial locations. Space not only recedes but fluctuates in a continuous activity.’

‘Literal transparency, we notice, tends to be associated with the trompe l’oeil effect of a translucent object in a deep, naturalistic space; while phenomenal transparency seems to be found when a painter seeks the articulated presentation of frontally displayed objects in a shallow, abstracted space.’

(Colin Rowe & Robert Slutzky)

Developing the classist-modernist axioms of flatness versus depth and opacity versus transparency, Hejduk understands this percept- the image of the flattening or collapsing of deep space onto the square vertical plane – as at once the most basic element of any architecture (the summation of the history of architectural space to date) and a historically specific phenomenon.’

(Hays, 2010)