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& Instruments of Dissections, Their Atlas Automata

DrawingConstructions . ARCH321] @ SantralIstanbul, Istanbul Bilgi University, January 2019]
Instr. & Course Coordinator Bahar Avanoglu

* ‘DrawingConstructions’
DrawingConstructionsis concerned with what the ‘non-representational’ could and would be, what kind of a construction/non-construction it is, and how, why it even exists, would-could exist. DrawingConstructionsis a project of drawing, not restricted within the acts of drawing per se, but extends into ‘other’ territories of drawing beyond the ‘two-dimensional’ realm. Upon these questions it aims to conduct speculative discussions on the nature of architectural ‘drawing’.

* ‘Non-Representational’
The investigations on the ‘non-representational’ are opened through the questions of and speculations on analogia, neoplatonic epistemology, representation, vestigium-imago (footprint-image), transcription-translation conflict, form-event, alphabet and are expanded into the questions of authorship, the literary automat, the non-instrumental instrument and its atlas. The early tarot cards as an intellectual and encyclopedic practice of neoplatonism and Ars Combinatoria by Ramon Llull are some of the keystones of the discussions.

* ‘DissectionDrawings’ into ‘DrawingDissections’
In the Fall Semester 2018, the investigation on the ‘non-representative’ was conducted through the act of ‘dissecting’ in relation to/as opposed to orthographic section. The Wound Man, The Zodiac Man and early dissection drawings being the keystones of the examination; the speculation on architectural dissection and its relationship with the space were conducted through selected fragments of miniature drawings, which are considered as non-representative spatial drawings in the framework of the course. As dissection becomes the act rather the mere content, the title ‘Dissection Drawings’ transforms into ‘Drawing Dissections’.

The question of Dissection Drawings|Drawing Dissections (Fall 2018) is the third stage of this elective course, the first two being ‘The Question of Tarot Cards’(Spring 2017) and ‘The Question of the Autobiographic Ars Combinatoria’(Spring 2018).

11 January 2018, Friday, @ SantralIstanbul, Final Discussions with Bilge Bal, Gürbey Hiz, Emre Bağdatoğlu

by Yaren Boğa

by Tuluğ Yıldız

by Rümeysa Gündoğdu

by E. Nil Uçar

by Burcu Varilci

by Aylin Güler

by Bengisu Yüksel

by Ebru Şevli

by Rümeysa Merve Levent

by Toqqa Habbob

by Burcu Özgen

by Selcen Fidan

by Nur Ecem Öz   

 by Defne Gündoğdu

by Eda Nilay Özçalışan

by Foad Sarsangi

by Can Bartu Çelik

by Feyza Nur Karaca