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>The Space of Media

MArchII research project by baharavanoglu @ The Cooper Union, 2013

Los Angeles may be reconstructed through the space of media that covered the 1992 city riots. The riots were broadcasted by helicopters, the movement of which was controlled by airspace regulations. These regulations determined the maximum and minimum altitude the helicopters were allowed to fly above ground level. The 1992 riots took place in various intersections, however most of the broadcasting channels broadcasted a limited number of intersections. Thus, one intersection got broadcasted by more than one channel.

The areas framed by different channels reveal the presence of a hidden layer of the city’s grid plan. Connected to the main roads in the grid, private pathways lead to parking lots in the backyards which created shortcuts during the riot, that sparked a different pattern of movement than the grid plan of the main arteries. The presence of helicopters—including their light and sound effect—over the city is a powerful and important presence in the experience of in Los Angeles.