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> The Clock(s) of a Drawing and DrawingDials // Çizimin Saatleri ve Kadranları

 Fall 2021-2022 elective studio
@ DrawingConstructions

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“How do we read the time? Who tell(s) the time? Whose voice(s) do we hear? The historical trajectories of the act of ‘reading the time’ passes beyond looking at a ticking mechanical clock, thus also beyond a purely mathematical calculation and construct. It is also not a mere co-ordinational matter set between the earth and the universe, but it also includes ‘us’ as ‘the hermetic reader/teller/writer’ as an integral part of it. Sundials and astrolabes manifest the existence of this ‘hermetic time-reader’ primarily as a ‘drawing’. These time-telling drawings/instruments are in fact the result of an embodied reading of the universe, which in turn become ‘projective’ reading/divination machines that compel interpretive narratives from the ‘reader’. In order to explore the curious spatio-temporal, embodied practice of divination of a drawing through the act of drawing, and also in order to unfold ‘us’ - ‘the drawer’ as the integral ‘hermetic reader’ in the drawing, we decided to ask ourselves the possibility of ‘the clock(s) of a drawing’ and work on this question speculatively in our elective course in the fall semester 2021-2022. Our project, “The Clock(s) of a Drawing and Drawingdials” started firstly as an embodied reading of a selected drawing through variegated projective methods. In due course, the projective cast of drawing demonstrated itself not as a static construct, but as a ritualistic, ephemeral and poetic act – as drawingdials. These projective drawingdials, with the ‘hermetic drawers’ as a part of them, are constantly re-read and re-written, almost transforming themselves into enigmatic drawing-instruments. The enigmatic hours of a drawing are then crystallized within the projective and embodied languages and constructions of drawing itself.”