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>Translation][Transcription, Miniatures

elective course at Istanbul Bilgi University
[spring term 2017-2018]
instructor: bahar avanoglu

w.4@arch321: The Question of Translation and Transcription
Plan as Labyrinth, Archeology of Section, Anatomical Dissections, Ruins, Durer’s Door, Perspective Hinge, Marcel Duchamp’s Labyrinth, Alberti’s Winged Eye & Alberti’s Geometric Perspective Construction on Paper, Projective Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Orthographic Set, Piranesi’s Carceri, John Soane, Ledoux, Lequeu, Boullee, Axonometric Drawing, Suprematism,Constructivism,Juan Gris& Transparency in the Studio, Daniel Libeskind’s Collage Rebus, Manfred Mohr’s Hypercube