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>New Tools for Analogical Drawing 

elective course at Istanbul Bilgi University
[spring term 2017-2018]
instructor: bahar avanoglu

w.3@arch321 : Analogy/Imagination and Its Physicalities
Materials. “Kircher assigned the sun to the heart, the moon to the brain, Jupeter to the liver, Saturn to the spleen, Venus to the kidneys, Mercury to the lungs, and the earth to the stomach.”[1]* “According to Della Porta, the whole natural worlds consists of a network of secret correspondences which can be revealed through analogy.  A plant leaf in the shape of a set of antlers is related to the character of that animal. (...)”Giambattista della Porta’s De Humana Physiognomia [2]* Filarete, Francesco Giorgio, Palimpsest, Michalengelo Double-Sided Drawings, Lebbeus Woods’ Analog Studio