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>Questions of Ars Combinatoria

elective course at Istanbul Bilgi University
[spring term 2017-2018]
instructor: bahar avanoglu

w.6 @arch321: Questions of Ars Combinatoria, Calvino’s Literary Automat, Architecture and Alphabet
Materials. Cabinet of Curisities as a Text Construction in Motion, The Legend of Babel: The Quest for the Universal Language, Aldrovandi’s Lists, Chinese Encyclopedia, Kircher’s Language Studies: An Alphabet of Stones, Extracting an Alphabet from the Constellation, Italo Calvino’s Literary Automat as the Disciplinary Code that Constructs Its Own Deconstruction, Tarot Cards, Ramon Llull’s Ars Combinatoria - The Argument Producing Machine, The Question of Alphabet and Architecture: 4 Suggestive Canals to Look Into: 1]John Hejduk, 2]Kazimir Malevich, 3]Aldo Rossi, 4]Guisseppe Terragni’s Danteum.