][ bahar avanoglu & ipek avanoglu

Exhibition: Non-Destined Bondings Accessing a stratigraphical skin of a beloved drawing, atStratigraphy Exhibition - Celebrating Layering in the Arts, Arts Letters and Numbers, İpek Avanoğlu

Drawing through the ‘Lyric Voice’ As a Poetic Quest into the Forgotten Memory of Language from Childhood: An Alternative Reading on John Hejduk’s The Collapse of Time, at “The Place of Memory, The Memory of Place” Conference by LCIR, Bahar Avanoğlu

Spaces of Sounds, presented at EAAE Workshop Remote Entry: First Year Experience, by Sevgi Türkkan, PhD & İpek Avanoğlu, February 2021

graphic scoring workshop by anne leilehua lanzilotti & gahlord dewald / spaces of sounds / december 2020 // itu, first year design project